Now we are together. The tubes are welded into a hand-made steel bike frame

Were were very pleased to have a quick turn-around from our welder who got Simon Darby’s frame back to us on Friday. Simon came into the shop on Saturday afternoon to take a look at the fruits of the welder’s labour and see his new hand-made steel bike frame for the first time.

Bottom bracket junction

To say he was pleased is an understatement. It is always very satisfying to see the reaction of riders when they first see their frame as one entity. They have had the bike fit. They have seen the BikeCAD drawings. They may even have seen the collection of steel tubes in the workshop, prior to us assembling and fitting them together. Nothing will be as exciting as seeing all of that work coming together as one complete hand-made steel bike frame.

Seatstay bridge and integrated seat clamp

We have the wheels, tyres, saddle and handlebars ready to fit. We are just waiting for the groupset to arrive and then we can assemble the bike ready to ride. The aim is to have the bike ready in time for Simon to ride it several times before the Haldon Heroic on March 30th. This should give him enough time to get used to the bike and also to ensure that all works as it should and to give time for everything to “bed in” ahead of the 50 mile Mega route he has entered!

Stainless steel drop-outs

Then its will be time to dismantle, clean, paint and reassemble into the fully finished bike.

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