Tubular excitement. The hand-made steel bike takes shape

We began the process by measuring Simon and discussing his requirements from his new hand-made steel bike and discovered the sort of riding he will be using the bike for. We then put those measurements into the BikeCAD program and juggled the angles, lengths and heights to suit.

Now we have the required tubing from Reynolds and Columbus, we have the task of putting them all together.

Angles, joints, cutting, filing, checking and joining. Painstakingly and carefully does it is the name of the game. Never has the saying, “Measure twice, cut once”, been more relevant than during the finishing of tubing to assemble a hand-made steel bicycle!

Top tube, Seat tube and seat stays joining together

We can still just about consider some personal requirements at this stage. Knowing Simon as we do, we are aware that he is a life-long motorsport fan. His favourite driver is the legendary Brazilian 3 time F1 World Champion, Ayrton Senna. Bearing this in mind, we had an idea we thought he might like to include in his custom-made steel frame. Instead of a standard seat-stay bridge, we offered him the chance to have a special bridge that would help make his custom frame even more personal.┬áLet’s just say he is very excited!

Senna S seat bridge stay

The next task will be to weld the frame together and if we get on with it, he may even be able to ride it at the Haldon Heroic Cyclocross Sportive on the 30th March. Although we won’t have time to paint it by then. On the subject of paint, Simon now has the enviable task of choosing how he wants his frame painted. We have a sneaking feeling, we know what colour he might choose…

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